A Gesture of “Twue Wuv”


It is that time of year: chocolate wrapped in heart boxes, pricey dinner reservations and Boys II Men love songs (obviously) pushing us to celebrate cupid’s favorite day. My first thought however is usually the line from The Princess Bride “wuv, twue wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv”. I love that movie for so many reasons, but during this ever so cheesy and happy holiday it just makes me smile even bigger. If you can put aside the Clergyman’s fantastic speech impediment and focus on the later part of the sentence,  “so treasure your love” , there is a beautiful truth to it.

Image-1My sweet husband woos me pretty much every possible holiday & birthday with homemade cards. They are so incredible and I love that he makes them from whatever paper he can find, often colored with highlighters and sharpies. I like to picture him drawing Read more

Have a “Holly Jolly” Christmas card launch



If you aren’t in the greeting card or gift industry you might not know that holiday designs start as early as May & June. Since this was our first year in business we felt like we were playing catch up learning the schedules and ropes of industry timing. A lot of things go into a new product launch!

One important part of a launch is obviously the photos. As April and I geared up to launch our holiday collection, we tossed around the idea of using a photographer to shoot or attempting it on our own. The coin toss and our bank account decided that we were Read more