Room Tour: Faith’s Nursery


If you read our first post on the blog you got some insight into my little family. My daughter Faith is just over two and a half years old. As time has flown by, I can’t believe we moved her to a big girl bed just last week. Switching her room around with more toys, getting rid of the changing table, etc. is only a few weeks away! But before that changeover happens I wanted to share her tiny nursery because it was a labor of love. With my five months of bedrest, planning it became an obsession. Thankfully I have childhood friends, family & an amazing husband who did the heavy lifting, painting and sewing when I couldn’t.

Looking through these old photos reminds me of how quickly they grow up. I’m lucky to have these precious photos from the talented Kelsey Freeman Creative. Enjoy the tour and please let me know if there are projects or items you want to know more about! I’m excited to share more details and how-tos in the next few months.


I always start with one main inspiration piece. It can be a style, color or vibe you want to design the room around. For me, it was the Seb Lester Dreams print “We Shape Our Destiny If We Believe in the Beauty of our Dreams”. This main piece was gifted to me by my best friend Sarah and her wife Lea. She knew I was drooling over this beautiful white screenprint on silver paper & surprised me
with it as I was building this main wall to be one of the two main design elements. The other prints were collected over my pregnancy as my budget allowed on sites like Fab & ScoutMob. The framing is a whole post of it’s own.

IMG_8092What I didn’t plan on, was the gradient wall-o-chevron. Chevron has been everywhere the last few years and I’m not a huge fan of overusing it. So what’s it doing as a huge screaming element in my daughter’s room? I am a big advocate of color. There’s always a time & place for neutrals but I like to live in color. You also make a lot of decisions during pregnancy that you worry you might regret later. Thankfully it turns out I loved this decision!

The curtains were custom made by my mom. Bless her soul. She spent more hours than any human being should making the perfect white ruffled curtains because I couldn’t afford the anthropologie version. That’s the love of a mom & grandma for you.

IMG_8088The Ouef Sparrow crib & hacked changing table/vintage cabinet were hand-me-downs (of the best kind) from my friends Sarah & Lea & their little girl Alice. Lea constructed the top to fit a vintage cabinet.

The string art was DIY.


I repurposed some of the baby shower decorations Taylor and Sarah used to brighten up the closet. And seriously… check out those tiny girl clothes. They still makes me melt.

IMG_2603-2Kinda like tiny Toms make me melt…


IMG_8141This pouf was one of my favorite accents. It’s from Modcloth.

IMG_8111Wooden crates of different sizes make perfect stackable storage. See the details of how I did this for just over $100 here. After they were painted and secured to the wall, I lined the back with gift wrap sheets from Paper Source.

IMG_8090The final project was this memory wall. The polaroids were taken by my friend Lea. Each one is a guest from our baby shower, an awesome way to do a guest book!

Years before Faith was born, my husband spent a semester abroad in Hong Kong. While he was there, he collected some tiny jade animals in hopes to pass them on to our kids one day. It was really important to me that we display them. They’re such a sweet part of the travels we hope to share with her one day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into our home and don’t forget to let me know which projects I should detail in future posts!