The cure for the common resolution & a free printable

Blog-Extra_toEdit-6It’s an age old tradition to make resolutions each year. I’ve done it more years than I can count. This year, I’m trying something different. I’m letting myself be human. I’m letting myself not call out a specific set of goals. So if you want to say my resolution is to have no resolution… you’re right.

As a small business owner, parent, wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc., there are so many pressures & goals to go with the love in our lives. Yet I’ve found myself mainly focusing on the pressures, not the love. I know that I am always going to fight to reach goals. I’m never going to give up on what I love to do or how hard I need to work to help provide for my family. Having that faith in myself is the first step to letting go and seeing where the year will take me. Working hard on one thing will lead to another, and another and if I don’t allow myself to keep my eyes open and see where it all goes I’d be missing out. Not only missing opportunities but also the beauty around me. My heart is crying out for an organically beautiful year.

So instead of making a list of what I need to do for myself this year, I want to focus on relishing in the moments. Being grateful. Not checking off a to do list created on January 1 with: lose ten pounds (who are we kidding… 20+ pounds), clean clutter in the house, make more money. Instead, I want to record all amazing accomplishments or feelings throughout the year so that on December 31, 2015 I can open this jar and know my year was mine, good and bad.

So I’m going to take these little pieces of paper and write down every beautiful thing that happens & place it in this jar.

Blog-Extra_toEdit-4Whether it’s a mention in a magazine or buying my daughter’s first ballet shoes, I’m going to fill this jar up with beautiful moments. I wish the same for you & I’d love to help you make it happen.

I created this jar with:
1) artwork from a fellow designer, Tom, of The Makery on
2) a 4″ x 5″ vinyl cut from my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine
3) any jar you can find (I bought a plain glass jar with a lid at Michaels. You can use leftover peanut butter jars, metal cans, etc. Anything that works for you!)

Now before I lose you, you don’t need a machine to make this jar happen. The Makery is kindly providing a download of their hand lettered graphic right here:


It can be imported into Silhouette software OR simply printed from your computer. Print it on some funky paper, get some stickers, whatever your crafty little heart desires. And if you aren’t crafty, cut around it and glue it on. Hell, use gum if you have to. The file is 4 inches wide x 5 inches tall but you can resize it however you want. If you have any trouble with the file please email me at

Happy 2015 Everyone! Don’t forget the good in 2014 and let’s start taking time to record the beautiful of 2015.