Room Tour: Faith’s Nursery


If you read our first post on the blog you got some insight into my little family. My daughter Faith is just over two and a half years old. As time has flown by, I can’t believe we moved her to a big girl bed just last week. Switching her room around with more toys, getting rid of the changing table, etc. is only a few weeks away! But before that changeover happens I wanted to share her tiny nursery because it was a labor of love. With my five months of bedrest, planning it became an obsession. Thankfully I have childhood friends, family & an amazing husband who did the heavy lifting, painting and sewing when I couldn’t.

Looking through these old photos reminds me of how quickly they grow up. I’m lucky to have these precious photos from the talented Kelsey Freeman Creative. Enjoy the tour and please let me know if there are projects or items you want to know more about! I’m excited to share more details and how-tos in the next few months.


I always start with one main inspiration piece. It can be a style, color or vibe you want to design the room around. For me, it was the Seb Lester Dreams print “We Shape Our Destiny If We Believe in the Beauty of our Dreams”. This main piece was gifted to me by my best friend Sarah and her wife Lea. She knew I was drooling over this beautiful white screenprint on silver paper & surprised me
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